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About Us

S4 Applications

S4 Applications is a cyber-security solution provider formed in response to a glaring gap in the market for EMEA businesses looking to leverage some of world’s leading vulnerability assessment and remediation solutions.

Starting out as the only provider of Brinqa and Core Impact products outside of the US, we’ve invested in broadening the scope of our services and are now pleased to also have in place a preferential relationship with Tenable.  Most recently we’ve added Network Insight threat monitoring from Core Impact to our product range.   We plan to continue investing in the depth and breadth of services we provide over the coming years.

S4 Applications Founder and Managing Director Mat Ludlam has worked in the technology industry for over 30 years, across a variety of large organisations and roles in software development and security management.  Mat’s unique mixture of commercial and technology skills, and vast experience of working with a wide variety of organisations, means he is able to quickly transition between high-level and technical detail, building a deep understanding of needs.  Mat’s takes a ‘security-by-design’ approach to implementing best of breed technologies.

As a product re-seller we can sell products from any vendor, we are not tied to any given company’s portfolio.  In our experience most software companies have one great product, and several other, not-so-great products that they try and bundle.  As you will see from the products that we have chosen to sell, we pick the best product in each category and ensure that they all work together.

Who are we?

We love what we do, we’re passionate about cyber-security, we believe in the products we sell and we’re a safe pair of hands.

We believe attack is the best form of defence.  Whatever your business, whatever your size, whatever your security concerns, our mission is to help you seize the opportunity to boost your cyber-security resilience, and harness best-of-breed products to protect your business, your people, your reputation and your customers against exploitable vulnerabilities.

Vendors we proudly represent

Premium Products

Preferential relationships with some of the world’s leading cyber-security technology providers

Premium Support

Provision of full wraparound support, guidance and training

Premium Approach

A truly bespoke experience, from consultation through implementation, to ongoing maturity

Premium Customer Service

No jargon, no-nonsense. Just a deep understanding of your needs, strong communication, and on-time in budget implementation

Our approach

At S4 Applications our mission is to help your organisation build, manage and continually improve your IT business systems with confidence.  From initial discovery and scoping out your level of maturity, attack surface, vulnerability and cyber-security goals, through each stage of the solution design and implementation roadmap all the way to go-live, we offer a partnership approach and bespoke experience.

Post-implementation we will stay by your side, supporting your business, constantly increasing maturity and embedding a culture of continuous improvement.


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