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What we do

We work in the IT security market, providing tools to help companies understand their attack surface, prioritise the findings and manage remediation of those issues.

It is very hard for companies to do this “big bang”, so we work with companies over several years as they go on the journey, increasing their maturity as they go (see our “Vulnerability Management Maturity Model” for more details).

The process normally starts with understanding everything on the corporate network (typically a very illuminating task), through understanding the vulnerabilities on each machine, to having a fully automated process where humans review and manage.

As companies mature, we start to add risk weighting into the mix, so that issues on internet facing equipment are considered more important than those on a system used by reception to manage visitor car parking spaces.  Sounds simple, but many organisations & tools struggle with this!!


To support companies as they transition through the Maturity Model, we have a growing number of segment leading products that we re-sell.  In each product category we reviewed the tools available, looked at our customers’ needs, and picked the best fit.

Many of the products are interchangeable, so even if one of the products isn’t the best for you, we will work with you to ensure your project is a success.