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Active Threat Detection

What is threat detection?

Mature companies accept that nefarious individuals and groups will attempt to compromise their defences, as a result thousands of pounds are spent building ever higher IT security walls. However, cybersecurity plans often focus primarily on prevention. Prevention is of course a critical component of network safety, but it’s not the only line of defence to consider especially at a time when every business has multiple endpoints for bad software intrusion, including IoT devices, security cameras, video conference units, and even connected coffee makers and refrigerators that a team member innocently adds to a corporate network.

Threat detection solutions are dedicated to continuously monitoring across networks and devices and flagging anomalies that indicate potential security threats – nefarious communications across the network. Threat detection provides vital visibility into your network usage for the dual end goals of more robust data protection and reduced likelihood of breaches.

Threat detection increases your visibility of what’s happening on your networks and devices, who is using them, and whether or not they are at risk. It can increase your understanding of how network usage aligns with your security policies and other regulatory compliance requirements, help find threats early and understand how to mitigate them.

Protect your business with Network Insight threat detection from S4 Applications, and ensure attacks are detected and prevented to keep your business data is safe at all times.

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