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We are proud to represent Brinqa products in Europe.  The tools help companies orchestrate their vulnerability management processes freeing up time and improving visibility.

What the issue?

The vulnerability scanning tools (Nessus, SecurityCenter, Nexpose, Insight VM, Qualys, Acunetix, App Spider, Web inspect, Veracode etc.) all do a fantastic job of finding issues, their ability to help you manage that information is typically limited.

  • They typically don’t support your ticketing systems (Service Now, Remedy, Jeria etc.) because they insist on using their own.

  • They don’t create a ticket with a group of vulnerabilities

  • They don’t close tickets once remediation has been confirmed.

  • They don’t prioritise based on the business risk, on a server by server basis (they just look at the vulnerability).

​What’s the impact?

  • Companies typically create all sorts of manual processes around these scanners.

  • They have people manually prioritising data to reflect the real risk.

  • They have spreadsheets emailed between people containing work to do.

  • They have little or no management information on these emails / Excel sheets

  • In short, they have a complete “Cottage Industry” managing the output of the scanners.

How Brinqa helps

​The Brinqa products help companies improve their vulnerability management processes by removing humans from the loop.
​The tool completely automates the entire process so that your expensive, skilled human resources can deal with the exceptions, not managing the data flow.
Would you like:
  • No more emails to chase people?

  • No more Excel spreadsheets?

  • Up-to-date management information?

  • Exception reports highlighting items out of SLA?

  • Automated mitigation & risk management where remediation is not possible?

Want to find out How Brinqa could help improve your business?

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