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S4 Applications is proud to be the only European provider of Brinqa’s award-winning vulnerability management solutions.  Our great relationship with Brinqa, deep understanding of their products, and vast experience in implementing them successfully ensures you not only get preferential rates, but also a bespoke experience.

Brinqa’s Vulnerability Risk Solution (VRS) allows you to remediate high-risk vulnerabilities faster by modelling and analysing all relevant security, context and threat data to deliver the knowledge-driven cyber-risk insights your business needs.  Fully-automated Brinqa VRS drives efficiency by freeing-up time and allowing your skilled human resources to get on with doing what they do best – dealing with exceptions, not managing data flow.

  • Boost resilience - best practice multi-dimensional risk models, advanced predictive analytics and a risk-based approach to vulnerability management
  • Increase risk visibility - 360° risk and threat data
  • Save money - intelligent contextualised assessments, dynamic risk prioritisation and automated remediation management at scale
  • Generate new efficiencies – automation of manual process, including ticket management
  • Improve compliance - self-service dashboards and reporting

Brinqa’s Application Security Programme cuts through the white noise to provide vital cyber-risk insights that identify application-level vulnerabilities for remediation.  This can automate the entire process for prioritising and fixing the most critical issues at all stages of the software development life-cycle with fewer resources, and at reduced cost.

  • Faster risk identification saves time - top-down and bottom-up identification, measurement and tracking of risks
  • Achieve efficiency gains - complete contextual inventory of critical applications and IT infrastructure and consistent application analysis
  • Improve compliance and reduce risk of fines - secure lifecycle (SDLC) governance
  • Save money by reducing risk of harm - intuitive risk prioritisation