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Network Insight

Network Insight

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Network Insight from Core Security delivers real-time visibility over your entire infrastructure. It constantly scans and intelligently analyses the traffic and activity that your servers and devices receive, identifying components that deviate from typical requests in order to filter them and flag for rapid remediation. Network Insight ensures potential breaches are detected quickly, keeping your business and. your data safe at all times, whilst minimising false positives.

Network Insight works in three stages:

  • 1. Detect - observes device behaviour over time and continually captures and correlates evidence using multiple detection engines
  • 2. Confirm - a context-aware threat intelligence engine that confirms infection and prioritises risk level
  • 3. Respond – provides your IT team with the definitive evidence they need to rapidly prevent loss prevention

Key benefits of Network Insight:

  • Save time – detect infections and remediate faster
  • Save money – reduce the risk of costly harm to your critical IT systems and prevent the fines and damage caused by data breaches
  • Save resources – automated detection and prioritisation